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Re: The Book of Black Bolt - Danger Room Testing

*I misplayed his bonding power and didn’t take note of the 6 range limitation in this first game. This lead to an early game push by the Inhumans that should not have happened until a round or two later, and kept Beast from being the effective negotiation tool he was drafted to be. Other than those two points, I think the game was a fair showing of what the team could do.*
Army Test 1
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yes
- What should be the unit's point value? I was initially a bit concerned here, due to how I was able to manage the early attack force, but then I saw that I had misplayed him and as a result I think he is fine as is at 380.
- Give a brief preview. Inhumans vs. X-men here, with Yukio tagging along for a backup mutant bonding option should Charles go down. I’m pitting Charles double turns vs. Black Bolt’s double turns early on in the game so it should be an exciting game. Beast will try to negotiate away an OM or two to tip the scales in their favor. Storm, Jean Grey, Gorgon, and Medusa all can move figures against their will though so figure placement should be fluid.
Map: Once in a Blue Lagoon
Units: Black Bolt @380, Medusa, Gorgon, Crystal, Lockjaw @155 (1400) vs. Prof. X, Jean Grey, Storm, Beast, Gambit, Wolverine, Yukio (1400)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: The Mutants kind of spread out along the start zone planning on moving up in waves, but that all changed when the Inhumans won initiative and Black Bolts’ double turn power allowed him to sling shot Gordon into Beast via Lockjaw. Instead the Mutants had to go on defense right away, with Beast running away while Storm blew the King & Queen apart. Lockjaw later frees up Gorgon and positions him to charge into Charles, who he kills with that 1 attack. Gambit goes down without a fight. Mutants put down Karnak, then Lockjaw, while Beast falls without ever doing anything either. Yukio on the other hand puts on a show, after switching places with Gorgon when he tried to hit her from HG, Storm blows Crystal over adj. to the two of them (on LG) and Yukio has a stunning 6 skull att. roll to put her down after she rolls just 1 shield on def. Suddenly this game is looking competitive again. Things turn on the Inhumans a bit with Medusa repeatedly failing her d20 rolls, 0 successes in 6 attempts to toss Yukio with her hair, then a failed attempt to entangle Wolverine and prevent him from gaining HG on her for an attack. She finally manages to move Wolverine & Yukio with her hair and Black Bolt is able to go after Storm, who he knocks out in 2 att. This spells the end for the mutants as Medusa manages to move Wolverine & Yukio out of engagement with Gordon, setting him up to charge Wolverine while on HG. Wolverine survives the initial attack to fight back for a turn but fails to do much, then he and Yukio both fall. This leaves just Jean Grey, who does manage to pull Medusa away from Black Bolt and eventually finishes her off, but then Gorgon charges her to put an end to it all.
Army Test 2
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Yes, he turned out to be a great deal of fun in this one!
- What should be the unit's point value? 380 seemed pretty good here after a narrow come from behind victory.
- Give a brief preview. I wanted to try Black Bolt out on his own without Medusa here, still gave him 3 Inhuman allies though to maximize his Voice of Destruction potential should he be the last man standing. The Fan4 defense might be hard to crack here but since they all want to stay within Sue’s aura, whispered word should be able to be put to good use and hit multiple figures. Should be some interesting interactions here between the two teams as Reed can lock down Gorgon to prevent charges, as well as lockdown Lockjaw to prevent teleportations, however Gorgon can cause earthquakes and move Reed out of engagement with others while Lockjaw can prevent Johnny from using Flame On 4.
Map: Once in a Blue Lagoon
Units: Black Bolt @380, Gorgon, Lockjaw @155, Karnak (995) vs. Fan4 (1000)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: The Fan4 move out in a pod to keep the 4 clear sight aura going, then Reed keeps on rolling between a 5-11 and only gets 1 turn for the Adventures. This kind of dictates that they have to stay back in their pod formation, only sending Johnny out to hit and run, forcing the Inhumans to try to come to them which ultimately seems to be working in their favor. Gorgon took a quick 4W and Lockjaw had to fetch him back out of danger. Gorgon then started to use his SA as a ranged attack to hit Sue. Between Gorgon & Black Bolt both being able to hit Sue from range, even though Reed still continued to roll low he was forced to start repositioning his forces. Once Reed had moved out front of his allies some, Lockjaw (large) left Reed and teleported Karnak & Gorgon to the rear of the Fan4. Reed again rolls a 4 and has to use the one Adventurer turn to have Sue flee. While the Fan4 do win initiative, another 1 turn activation sees Ben go and clobber the puppy, while Reed opts to not att. Karnak after taking 1W from counterstrike last time. Black Bolt decides the time has come to try and put Sue down and flies adj. to her, doing just enough damage to take her out of the equation. Seeing Sue fall must have triggered something inside Reed as he finally gets a double turn activation, Johnny hits Gordon for another W, Ben steps up and smashes Karnak for 4W, and Reed goes after Black Bolt and also deals a W. Karnak sizes up Johnny and sees a weakness he can exploit, Johnny goes down. Now that is is just Ben and Reed left, Reed rolls a 19! Ben just keeps throwing down skulls and crushes Karnak, while Reed throws down a 4 skulls att. and puts Black Bolt just 1W away from death. Black Bolt desperate, shouts out ‘No!’ like a Sith Lord who just found out his wife and children are dead. Reed now only has 1 life left and is engaged with Black Bolt, so OM placement is a real decision for the first time this game while Black Bolt hopes to win initiative, which he does. Black Bolt drops Reed, but Ben had all the OM’s except the X. Ben tries to end it but for the first time this game doesn’t clobber anyone. Instead Ben rolls a bunch of skulls on defense and suddenly falls in an improbable victory for the Inhumans!

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