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Re: Any guitarists out there?

Been playing guitar a long time. I've played in several bands over the years. Right now I'm working with an old drummer friend from Austin, TX, who just moved back to the area and a bass player I know from work. I play classic rock and blues. I've got a 50th Anniv. strat, an old mongrel strat, a Fender Squier strat set up for slide, a Fender/Roland strat with built-in hex pickup for synth guitar, and two Takamine acoustic-electrics. Amps are Egnater Tweaker 15 head, Celestion loaded cabs, Crate Palomino 16 made in USA, Fender 70s Super Reverb, and Vox 15 watt hybrid. Pedals are Whammy (latest model) into Catalinbread Octaver, Lovepedal Hi Power Tweed Twin OD, Lovepedal Fuzzmaster, MXR Phase 45, Faux Vibe unit, Chorus pedal (forget the brand), Malekko tremolo, MXR Carbon Copy delay, Fulltone Fat Boost 3. I recorded electric rhythm and lead parts for a group I played with - Mother Dugan. Hear it and buy it at Dugan.

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