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IshMEL's Customs: Updated 7/11/2018

Here are my customs! I've had a ton of fun making these and the community has been a great source of inspiration, collaboration, and constructive criticism. I am always open to suggestions and have learned much from comments on this thread.

I tend to design for story and theme rather than for tournament competitiveness, but hopefully my customs are fun to play and fun to play against. Few of these have been well and truly playtested, so use at your own risk. Heck, many of them haven't even hit the table yet! Even the ones with cards!

Another disclaimer: I use my own cost formula, which is pretty good (I think) at getting an estimate of a unit's price. But don't consider these customs to have tested and refined costs.

If you do get the chance to try any of them out, let me know how it goes.

I've put my customs into groups. Some of these groupings are playable factions, others are more thematic clusters. There's a Card Index with all of my current cards, organized alphabetically.


A Voyage to Arctorus
Various species and cultures set on Arctorus, a conveniently blank alien world established by the VC.

Agents and Specialists
Agents of Utgar, Jandar and of course Vydar. Also "The Specialists," a faction of experts.

Archons, Elementals, Golems, and Warforged
Heck, my people invented the Golem, I had to make at least one. The Archons and Elementals are a playable faction, with the exception of the Greater Water Elemental.

Creatures of the Underdark
Straight from the Monster's Manual: Bugbears, Drow, Orcs, and more!

From Sylvan Shadows
A faction of Plant units, and the Druid who loves them.

Grut's Forest Creatures
I've taken the liberty of adding to the fauna of Grut, where Aquilla has found new allies among the Wharfang, the Kraal, and the Eyrians.

Heroes of the Underdark
More units inspired by D&D, of the Lawful and/or Good varieties.

In the Hall of the Mountain King
Dwarves! To me, my kinsmen! My first custom was a Dwarf, and I seem to keep making more of them.

The Infernal Horde
Undead, Demons, even the Grim Reaper itself!

Mariedian Rising
Smash the Soulborg State!

Ophidian Supremacy: Sssslitherers
A mini-faction of Serpents, Naga, and Lamia that will play well with Vipers.

Portal to Yarth: Clanks and Sparks
From the world of "Girl Genius," a steampunk / gaslamp webcomic.

Soldiers and Lawmen
Some 20th century Earth law and order types -- G.I.s, a cop, and a detective.

Soulborgs, Cyborgs, and Spacefarers
Summoned from... the future! Some more Marro Cyborgs, Utgar and Vydar Soulborgs, and a couple of Unique Squads of space soldiers.

Swords of the Alliance
My medieval, sword-wielding Royals, Knights, and Champions.

Tales Come To Life
Because "Heroes of Fiction" was taken. Doctor Who, Buffy, Agents of SHIELD, Lovecraft, and Ghostbusters.

Wizards and Magical Minions
Wizards, magical minions, and the "Wizards of Vong," a tyrannical faction of physics-bending mages.


They Put The "Cape" in Heroscape!
Adaptations of superhero cards, assigned to Valkyrie generals.

General Customs
For those customs where I don't have enough units to group into a theme or faction. Organized by General.

Inspired by mac122's Poor Man's "Official" figures, here are my own cards for cheap alternatives to the Overpriced Fantasy Squads, and my attempts to fill in my official and VC collection with proxy figures. Some are re-themed.

Thanks for taking a look, and for all your helpful comments! I've learned a lot from them, and from all the great customs work in this forum.

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