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Re: PreNovember PreRelease D&D Wave 3 Speculation & Informat

Originally Posted by Pickledpie View Post
Master of the Hunt - Einar?

Hmm, here I thought Einar was HistoryScape... well I guess Gurei-Oni and Zelrig, but Gurei-Oni's Testudo is kinda hisotrical and Zelrig fits the majestic theme.

The only thing this leads me to is that Master of the Hunt will be some kind of obscure beast that doesn't fit with the other Generals, or it is history.

I really hope it is History since we have gotten lots of History Units in every wave before DnD, and I want to see some more. However, since it is still a DnD wave, I'm guessing it will be an obscure beast type thing.

That Lion thing someone posted could maybe fit in the theme of Einar...
Seeing as the D&D figures are all going to be non-Earth characters, I think they're going to have to work around the whole "Einar = Historyscape" thing. The Centaur, and even the Griffon, are based in Greek mythology, so either would make excellent Master of the Hunt figures for Einar.
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