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Originally Posted by R˙chean
Stats are more of a sliding scale, not a 1 for 1 deal.

A defense die isn't worth X number of points and lived are not worth X number of points each. Guilty is 30 points with 2 life and 2 defense. That in no way means a figure with 6 life and 6 defense is worth 90 points; it would be much more than that.

Syvarris has greater range and more life, he should be able to stay on the fringe better with his range and survive a bit longer because of his life. As similar as the units are, it isn't as easy as saying Syvarris is 3.3 times the point value so he should have 3.3 times the stats. It doesn't work that way.
You are right. I know it does not work that way "strictly" speaking, but there is definitely a strong positive correlation with the stats. One example is Syvarris = 100, Kaemon = 120 and Q10 = 150. You could argue back and forth about points but the order of value is clear to me under most circumstances for those three without a doubt. It is supported by an undeniable positive correlation in the stats.

Otherwise, it would just not make sense. My goal was to illustrate how awsome Guilty is for his cost compared to a much more expensive alternative. I have no doubt that you get more value per point with Guilty under most realistic scenarios than with Syvarris and you can add a whole other squad or range units. Try to take on any of those three combinations: Tagawa Archers + Guilty, 4th Mass + Guilty or Aubrien Archers + Guilty, and play it against Syvarris. I have no doubt of who would prevail under most realistic circumstances.

Of course, it depends on luck as in die rolls and order of turns, but the odds are against Syvarris no doubt. Don't get me wrong. I like Syvarris and he has the advantage of forcing other units stay away or move forward..., but under most scenarios, he would most likely be owned by any of the aforementioned three alternatives. In fact, a couple of squads of no defense Venoc Vipers worth 80 can get to him and finish him off. The 4th Mass alone is 4X4 with wait and fire and height advantage. Of course, the 4th Mass will have to either move away and hide or sneak in forward, which most likely will cost some lives and loose the wait then fire and height advantage in the process. But if Syvarris losses his only advantage, namely distance, and this is likely to happen. He is going down. If the map was infinitely large, Syvarris would rule the nest, but it is not. Either the bumps on the edge or crosses the line into another army if there are more than two players.

Again, I have nothing against Syvarris, but to make a long story short. Guilty is more than worth his own weight in gold. That's the bottom line of my point.

I don't care about choosing my army based on strategy. I choose an army based on coolness and personal appeal... even if it means that my units will die trying. Hail to the glory of HeroScape and bravery.
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