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Re: Aven's Custom Heroscape (Wave 1?)

Glad you liked them! I have many more custom cards that I haven't spent the time to ms paint the figure in yet. I love individual feedback!

As for Albino Crayfish I wanted to balance them as a bond squad to many different hunters, they are very versatile so to balance them I felt they shouldn't be best in water, but can sprint out of water to attack hiding ranged units!

Balton in play testing was actually better than I ever thought he'd be, he's really fun, and makes Roman Archers not the worst ranged unit option if he's in your squad!

As for scout Knight, We kept it at a once per turn thing, so after the enemies engage, you can quickly move your knights forward, or quickly hound that one figure who dared engage with scout knight. However, he's still 1 life and weak to other attacks, especially ranged.

Cataphract does mean "Fully Armored" so I think that horse is weighed down quite a bit! He was a huge issue in a 1v1v1 fight taking the center (He is 90 points after all with only 3 life). Until he randomly decided to disengage to try to trample someone and with the disengagement rules, ended up rolling 0 shields as a marro warriors hit 4 skulls due to height and Finn bonus!

After a bit of practice with the Shieldbearers they were way too broken with a Cyberclaw ability. As they'd have to rely on other units to help them out of the situation if I engaged a squad of low attack units, such as Gorillinators. So mid test we either decided they gain the samurai 5 defense, or adjust the "Forced Engagement" Cyberclaw ability. We decided to make them not TOO easy to disengage with, as the 1 attack was pitiful and made their disengagement way too easy to get out of, and unlike Deathreavers, didn't have the scatter and disengage to go along with it. So having them use their defense as the disengagement seemed to be the easier option. We also decided to nerf the "Forced Engagement" ability as well and gave the adjusted version to the Clay Golems.

Aquilla's Alliance? Oh, you mean Proxy Figures the game!
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