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Re: Casual Game Day - West Chester, PA - Nov 20

My crew and I (HiveKeeper, Awsome Sujoah and I) might be able to make it. I presume that it will not be focused solely on heroscape and that other games will be played. If that is the case, Tom, bring Castle Ravenloft. I will then be bringing Summoner Wars (Elves, Orcs, Undead), a one-shot D&D 4E campaign for 5 people which will take approx 2 hours (I'm going to make 1st Level characters of most of the D&D 'Scape heroes, If you don't know how to play I'll send you a PM with the basic rules so I won't have to spend an hour teaching you all, and dice will be provided) and Lego Minotaurus which is a very good game IMO if you havn't played it in addition to a Heroscape map and my figs.


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