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Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign

Thanks for the kindness, Vilsara! I look forward to your feedback!

Here's a bit more of what I have so far. I think the story in particular can be tightened up.
  1. Story
    1. Player represents a party of Heroes, the Knights of the Daystorm, who originate on Earth and are thus comprised entirely of humans.
    2. Four 'Keys' bound to the elements have been hidden across space and time by ???? and are protected by eternal Guardians.
    3. The player chooses the order in which to find the keys, and thus also determines which Heroes he/she will have access to in each subsequent dungeon.
      1. For example, the Earth Key might be on Feylund. After completing that dungeon, the player will be able to draft from Feylund heroes as well as Earths'.
    4. After gathering all 4 Keys, the player uses them (thus losing them) to gain access to a final dungeon.
  2. General Gameplay
    1. Player begins with a drafted army of up to 550 points, max 6 Heroes, all from Earth. DM uses the dungeon's prescribed bestiary.
    2. If the DM manages an Total Party Kill (TPK) in the first dungeon, the player may restart with an entirely different party. If the DM manages a TPK in any subsequent dungeon, the previous Keys are lost and the adventure is over and evil triumphs. Player and DM switch roles.
    3. If a player's character (PC) dies in a dungeon, it may never be reused and must be replaced from the allowed pool of Heroes.
    4. A player may not drop a party member to replace with another. Knighthood is a mantle taken until death. Feeding a Knight to an angry troll to make room for another candidate is perfectly acceptible. (No one ever said Knights were good...)
    5. Treasure is carried over from one dungeon to the next, however bonuses to a given stat do not stack.
    6. Each dungeon will have scalable encounters to become more difficult as the player's party becomes more powerful.
  3. Dungeons
    1. Fire Dungeon
      1. Fire Key - grants an AoE Special Attack to the bearer
      2. Valhalla
      3. Lava/Rock terrain
      4. Boss fight = Sujoah
    2. Earth Dungeon
      1. Earth Key - grants 1 round of invulnerability/dungeon
      2. Toril
      3. Swamp/Underdark terrain
      4. Boss fight = Othkurik
    3. Water Dungeon
      1. Water Key - slither, disengage 7?
      2. Feylund
      3. Ice,sand/water terrain
      4. Boss fight = Cyprien
    4. Air Dungeon
      1. Air Key - Flight
      2. Alpha Prime
      3. Castle/Road terrain
      4. Boss fight = Q10
    5. Final Dungeon (Name??)
      1. Lose all keys
      2. Icaria
      3. Terrain = boss' original terrain
      4. All bosses back-to-back followed by battle with Charos?.
Beyond just the battles, I want to include multiple scenario challenges in each dungeon. So it won't always be about having a party with the best stats, but maybe the best synergy or a variety of useful abilities. Also, I'd like to balance the rewards from each dungeon with the usefulness of being able to draft Heroes from that world after you beat it. Finally, the scaling issue is going to have to be very tightly controlled to allow for more powerful parties without crushing them.
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