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Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign

This seems like a fun epic game, and I'm glad you've taken the placeholder this early, since I've been eager to try out an epic campaign- or at least see one- since DnD was first revealed.

Good luck with the story, first off. I'm sure that's going to a huge part of the campaign, but it'll probably be hard to nail. As a young writer, I'll be eager to see how you tie this in to the game (or, well, copiously edit your spelling and grammar ).

The converting idea also sounds intruiging; I feel most eager to see how you pull that off. Sounds like you're taking a bit of inspiration from Fire Emblem.

I'll be watching this space, and probably be giving out quite a bit of +rep.

Funny, I haven't actually posted in the main forum for a while. Shame; I really need to get back into 'Scape.
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