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That's an awful lot of sleeves.

Hello, Surrey-person! You know, I thought I was going to get a Laurel and Hardy handshake in before Aldin popped up - alas, not to be, our resident greeter is on the job tonight

Originally Posted by Jandars_Hope
Bad news RD! Sandra said she won't be shipping the International parcels with Sotm until Monday unless you have wave 3 then you have to wait until she gets more stock because Wave 3 has sold out...again.
I'm going to be somewhat disappointed if my wave 3 bits hadn't been put to one side, given that the order was placed over three months ago.

Esdevium have told me that they're going to be bringing in more than just Wave 1, so it should make it easier for new fans to get more than just the basic Master Set (not to knock it, of course; in the tournament tomorrow, I bet almost every army will include at least one unit from that set; I'm using two of them).

Q - "Are you one of those people who does The Times crossword puzzle in 10 minutes?"

A - "I have NEVER taken 10 minutes!"

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