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Re: Frostgrave, Halo Ground Command and other tabletop minis

I had a buddy over last Friday night to play some Star Wars Legion. Unfortunately, he didn't arrive until after 7, and we did a lot of off topic chatting that slowed us up at the start. He has all the same sets for Legion that I do, but he's not a hobbyist and hasn't even begun working on them, so I supply all the units. So he didn't get to choose his army composition until he got here and that added some time as well. Plus he isn't as familiar with the rules. All this to say, we only got through the end of round 2 of 6 and he left at around 12:30 But I left everything setup and we will resume some other night and be able to finish it up easy enough now that the preliminary stuff is done and more familiar with rules.

One of the neat things about this game, is that at the start, before anything else, you need to determine the game state. There are 4 cards for Environment, 4 for Deployment Zones and 4 for Objectives. You shuffle each deck of 4 and draw 3 of them one at a time, laying them face up left to right. After doing this for all 3 types of cards, the Blue player (determined by player with fewer army points or if tied, determine randomly), gets to eliminate one of the leftmost cards of each type. Then the Red player gets to eliminate one (or players can pass their turn) and then 1 more opportunity to eliminate a card for each player. But, only 2 of the 3 of each type can be eliminated. So players are essentially trying to have the Environment type, Deployment Zones and Objectives favor them as much as possible based on their army build.

The Deployment Zone we got was the most basic one where you start opposite each other and deploy within 6 inches of the long edge (the game is meant for 6x3 surface, so with my 6x4 mat, we just deployed from 6-12 inches from the edge). The Environment was Rapid Reinforcements, which has us hold out 2 trooper squads each and put their squad marker aside for the first round. Then after the Command phase of the 2nd round (where we choose one of our 7 command cards and play it to see which units we give order tokens and other special effects of the command card and initiative order), we add the reserved units' order tokens to the remaining pool of order tokens that weren't placed during the command phase. In this game, on your turn, you get to activate 1 unit and back and forth that way. You can choose to activate a unit with a face up order token initially given, or randomly choose one from the face down pool of order tokens for your remaining forces. So when your reserve unit token is chosen in the 2nd round and all of your other units of that type have been activated that round, you then get to bring in one of your reserve units and place it anywhere 12 inches or more from any enemy unit.

For our objective, it was claim the supplies, where there is one supply token placed dead center on the board, then each player places 2 (1 at a time back and forth) more supply tokens on the board. They can't be within 6 inches of either starting zone or of another supply token. As an action, a troop unit leader (squad leader or commander) can claim a supply token if they are in base contact with it. It will move with them and if they are eliminated, it is dropped there and can be claimed again. Each is worth 1 VP and the player with the most VP's at the end of the game wins.

Brian had the Rebel forces, with Han and Leia as his commanders, an Airspeeder/Snowspeeder, an AT-RT, 3 squads of Rebel troops and 1 squad of Fleet troopers.

I had Imperials, with General Veers as my commander, an AT-ST, 2 units of 2 speeder bikes, 3 Stormtrooper squads and 1 squad of Snowtroopers/Enviromental troopers.

By the end of round 2, I had lost 1 speeder bike and had 2/3 wounds on the other of that unit. They had gone in hard towards Leia and the AT-RT and put some wounds on her and 1 on the AT-RT. Brian's Airspeeder took out some of my Stormtroopers near the center, behind a building, and Han had taken a couple of them out before when they were around the corner. He also put 1/8 wounds on my AT-ST with his Airspeeder. I haven't taken out any of his units yet, but Han has 2/6 wounds and Leia has 3/6 wounds, while the AT-RT has 2/6 wounds.

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