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BrandonMurrayBMM Woo who?
I think I'm going to sell my collection

When I was a kid I bought Heroscape all the time, my family got pieces for me every year and yet I to this day never played a game of it. I enjoyed building battlefields but with school and work I don't think I'll ever be able to learn and enjoy it like I want to so I'd rather somebody else do! I don't have a set price per say, kind just open to offers if that is allowed. I live in Ohio (Cleveland area) and certainly would prefer a pickup oppose to having to ship all of this but should somebody pay for the shipping which I'd assume is a decent bit, I have no problem doing so. Looking to sell only as a lot!

Heroscape: Rise of the Valkyrie Opened Complete Set:
(30/30 Figurines w/ cards)
Agent Carr
Thorgrim the Viking Champion
Izumi Samurai
Airborne Elite
Marro Warriors
Krav Maga Agents
Finn the Viking Champion
Tarn Viking Warriors
Deathwalker 9000
SGT. Drake Alexander
Raelin the Kyrie Warrior
Zettian Guards
2 Half Castle Walls

Tons of Dice/Glyphs/Markers, etc

Blue Tile:
2 24-Tile
3 7-Tile
3 3-Tile
3 2-Tile
7 1-Tile

Tan/Cream/Brown Tile:
2 7-Tile
2 3-Tile
14 2-Tile
9 1-Tile

Green Tile:
6 24-Tile
5 7-Tile
5 3-Tile
15 2-Tile
18 1-Tile

21 1-Tile Water Tiles

Completely Sealed Swarm of the Marro:
(Still has tape on other end, other side opened just to show sealed and untouched)

Marvel The Conflict Begins Game Set:
(Characters/Cards/Dice/Counters in Plastic) (Loose Tile, No Book, In original box but torn)

Brick Building with Door

1 Long Gray Cement Tile for Brick Building

3 7 Tile Black Tile

8 2 Tile Black Tile

3 1 Tile Black Tile

3 7-Tile Gray Tile

7 2-Tile Gray Tile

4 1-Tile Gray Tile

2 Fortress of the Archkyrie:
(1 100% complete, other I am not sure. I dont have a 2nd door but I have tons of pieces, the 2nd flag, etc)
(Both original boxes, 2 books, 1 sealed, 1 not sealed, I have both door cards, one in plastic with book, other out loose)
Tons of Tile (the bumps on them), two door frames, 2 flags, the pillars, etc.

Road to the Forgetton Forest:
Bridge (half wall missing)
Dumutef Guard w/ loose card
5 Trees (4 Small, 1 Big)
Tile mixed w/ Fortress of the Archkyrie

Volcarren Wasteland:
3 Lava Obsidian Guards w/ card
5 7-Tile Molten Rock
5 2-Tile Molten Rock
3 1-Tile Molten Rock
6 1-Tile Lava Tiles

Raknar's Vision 5 Figure Set:
(Brakas, the black dragon is missing 1 wing, everything else included, original box, all cards sealed)

4 2-Tile Snow Tile (From Thaelenek Tundra Set)

1 Gylph Card (Glyph of Rannveig from Madillion's Prophecy?)
6 Books

Magic: Arena of the Planeswalkers
Magic: Shadows Over Innistrad
Magic: Battle for Zendikar

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