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Re: Badgermaniac's Customs-Black Talon Added (9-14)

Originally Posted by chas View Post
Just want to mention that you are one of my main men for custom Supers. My Chas Quick Scan Master List is full of your stuff. Besides Mantis and Moondragon, some of my other favorites are Malekith and Alkema. They still haven't made a figure for her, as far as I know, but I've used her to deadly effect!


With the GOG movie out, I grabbed your card and pitched her right into battle (see my thread Super Scaping With the Guardians of the Galaxy) I noticed that there seems to be no discussion of her here on your thread, except for your intro on Post #361. Have you playtested her yet? I have to admit I haven't read any comics about her.

I'm not suggesting that you make her more like the movie version. But thanks to your comments on that post I understand better what you did. I thought that EP Decoy would be too powerful; but in the battle it worked fine. She saved herself twice from Groot, but in his third attack he put three hits on her. And she failed to Incinerate him. Then the big tree put her down for good!
1. Thanks for the kind words.

2. Alkhema nor Malekith have been given much playtesting so their point values are just theory at this point.

3. I did a custom for Alkhema that turned out ok...basically I took a Jocasta mini and replaced the head with a Mockingbird. Not great, but works out ok.

4. As for Nebula, she obviously is based on the comic character and not the movie character, which makes sense given the timing. She is another one that I have played with a little bit, but not enough to say everything is fine tuned.

It has been so long since I have thought about her that I don't recall much of the thought process that went into the card. In general though, I always try to use official HS powers for mechanics, wording, etc. My guess is EP Decoy was inspired by something else, but I am embarrassed to say I don't remember what it might have been. Glad it worked for you though. While she has tangled with the Avengers a couple of times over the years, I am not super familiar with her non-Avenger exploits so I am by no means an expert on the character. She was simply one of those characters who nobody had done a card for at the time, so I gave it a shot.
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