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Re: 2nd Cheyenne Tourny Saturday March 19th

I copied this from a different thread that I started. I reposted here because some other posts are linked to this one. Plus I said that I would update this one with any future events. My mistake was making the other thread.

The next Heroscape tournament is now set for Saturday June 11th. Event starts at noon and last game will be called at 5:30 pm. At 6 pm if any games are still being played then they must complete that and one more round, then determine the winner based on points (scoring only one win). Format is Rolling Rumble with a small change, now full wins will count double, a win based on points because of a stale mate or time will count as 1 win, and a loss is just a loss. Points will still be used as a tie breaker. Marvel will be banned from this event as will Deathreavers. Armies may consist only of Valkryl and Utgar or any two other factions. 590 point armies, no more than 3 of a particular common squad may be used. Custom units may not be used, that includes Samuel Brown and other "official" customs that were never actually printed. Models may be repainted though as long as they keep the correct shape.

There is an entry fee of $5. 100% of this will be returned as store credit to the top 3 finishers split at approximately 50/30/20%. All other participants will receive a prize picked in order of how they finish. Note that I as store owner am providing the additional prizes in place of my $5 entry fee, each of these prizes will be something small in the $2-$9 range while the minimum a store credit winner will receive is $10.

I will be setting up five of the maps on Friday the 10th. We will need at least 5, but no more than 7 additional maps, and possibly an extra table or two, as well as a few chairs. We will once again have a mix of Standard symmetrical maps and non-symmetrical heat-of-battle maps. I prefer that any maps brought in by other people be brought in on Friday, but if this is an inconvenience then Please bring them by 11 am on Saturday so that they can be modified if needed.

The scheduled Pokemon TCG event will still take place. It will be held next door.

The largest source of Heroscape in Wyoming Washington, now selling loads of terrain.
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