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Originally Posted by markwars
I wonder if the guy that won it is from here? I hope so. I didn't notice that it was missing the bubble. That would have turned me off of it too.

HEH, let's brag. I know the feeling, because I LOVE mine. The one I bought on eBay (several months ago) cost me $25 plus $15 shipping. When it arrived it came in a MASSIVE box that had cost the seller $28 to send. I felt bad for the lady who sold it to me, but she turned down my offer to cover the difference. The display I received is in great shape. All of the figures and dice that should be there are there. The bubble is remarkably clean and unscuffed. The backing has a break in the plastic that holds the bubble in place, but when it is displayed it is cosmetically unnoticeable. Overall it's an interesting piece to have. I keep mine in my office at work and it is always something that draws people in to look at it. Once they are inside and I've told them a bit about the game they turn to leave and see the 7' tall bookshelf that I have loaded with mint in mint package Heroscape stuff. :P The bookshelf nicely holds one of each version of the Master Sets (with and without EOVs), one of each of the sixteen figure expansions so far, a HLD, a RttFF, Heroes of Laur, and a Nerak. I still have space for about three waves of expansions and five or six large expansions. After that I'll have to find a bigger bookshelf.

And please don't chuck any bricks at me for keeping a full set of Heroscape stuff mint in mint packages. It's a sickness not a choice.
I was actually trying to come up with a way to get an invite to come visit you at work one day, then while you run to the restroom or to a meeting or something, grab what I can and run for the hills

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