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Re: One man's Repaints (and possibly customs)

Originally Posted by Yesiamthatguy View Post
Pjnormandin, thanks for responding. I also thought about putting the space marines under Vydar's rule, but after reading some lore about them on the Lexicanum and how they worshiped the Emperor God, I thought it would be rather sacrilegious to have them serve someone else. And beside that, we wouldn't want to cause a riot among the hobbyist, would we?

I also have the Assault on Black Reach set, but I lack the paint needed to paint the open-helmeted Ultra-Marines and the Orks. And the nearest Hobby Shop from my house is 30 miles, so it might be awhile.

By the way, I would like to see your custom warhammer units as well. I've searched every where for someone to make one, so eventually I made one myself. Thanks again.
I have read a novel about the space wolves but otherwise dont know a thing about 40k. I had gotten some green Space Marines in a trade from another HSer. I don't have a custom thread of my own to post my customs, maybe I will someday. (BTW: I also use the Shieldcrusher card template for my customs.)
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