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Re: One man's Repaints (and possibly customs)

Originally Posted by Yesiamthatguy View Post
NIHILIN's CARD (Sheildcrusher Card)


SPACEMARINE CARD(Again a Shieldcrusher Card, until I can figure out MSE.)
I am about to start painting my first minis so your very nice repaints have given me some hope about my terrible painting skills.
I like the dragon, but I think that the fear ability is a bit too complex, maybe you should give it a breath weapon instead? Either way it looks great.
The Blood Harvesters seem pretty cool to me but seem underpriced seeing as they have bonding and lifesteal. Leech seems a bit vague to me, maybe it should only affect adjacent Marro Heroes? (or at least have a range to the ability)
The Space Marines are my favorite, nice to finnaly see some new guns in Scape. I like both their abilities and they seem a well priced and well rounded unit. +rep
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