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Islandscape XII, 7/22/18. Save the Date!

Islandscape continues, with its twelfth straight year of competition!

Sunday, July 22nd 12pm - 6pm
Legendary Realms

294 E Montauk Hwy, Lindenhurst, NY 11757
(Just a mile from the Lindenhurst train station)

Set up from 11:30 - 12:30, first round will start by 1pm.
5 rounds, Swiss style, with the top 2 at the end of the 4th round playing for the championship.

Battle of the (up to) Five Armies
  • Players may bring up to five unique armies. Non-unique units may be duplicated within armies, but no unit may be used in more than a single army.
  • Point limit for the first army is 500. If you bring a second army, its point limit is 525. Point limit for your third army is 550, for the fourth army 575, and for the fifth army, 600.
  • All armies must be played in increasing size order. If you bring fewer than five armies, your largest army will be the one you continue play in all later rounds.
  • Starting zone hex limit is 18 spaces for all armies.
  • Please bring a pre-printed list of all armies, to save time and my (little remaining) sanity. Alternatively, send me your list via PM or email me: warbanner at gmail.
  • Cost is free, but we do request you bring a prize for the prize table, and show some love for our host, Legendary Realms.
Important Note
I will be bringing *at least* one extra set of five armies, in case anyone does not have the werewithal to build a full set. I will happily offer anyone without armies to use that, or even to use the set of five I plan to use myself, if they wish. I can also pretty well guarantee that if you need a unit, ask, and someone who is coming will bring it. Proxies are also allowed, if necessary.

6/16 update: Trophies are in, and they look good. Also, I got some Varkaanians for the prize table.

6/27 update: Ruling on maps and glyphs:
We will only use maps from this year's GenCon map list. Those maps are listed below. Only 2 of these maps (Ticalla Sunrise and Common Ground) come with glyphs, so we will use the listed glyphs on those maps. They will be placed face down, randomly, but players will be aware in advance what the 2 glyphs are.
Burial Marsh
Common Ground
Highways & Dieways
Quasatch Playground
Remains of Clionesia
Stygian Rift
Ticalla Sunrise

  1. Warbanner
  2. Chas
  3. Sir Dendrik
  4. DoomCarrot
  5. Kolakoski
  6. Taeblewalker
  7. IshMEL
  8. Son of IshMEL

Unable to attend:
Sherman Davies
Son of Grishnakh

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