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Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast are going after Heroclix/Wizkids

I think this is a well thought out plan to get at Wizkids and the Heroclix market.
In my opinion, Wizards of the coast was at least partly responsible for Mage Knight getting cancelled. As an avid heroclix player when I heard about Marvel Heroscape i was floored and surprised that people at Wizkids(Who I contacted) seemed to be unconcerned.
After getting the Marvel heroscape set I was very impressed with the quality of the figures and packaging and felt that this could eventually become a threat to Heroclix especially since Wizkids has ben plagued with their long running issues with Quality.
Granted, Heroclix and Heroscape plays differently but in the end they are both Miniature strategy games. The only real advantage Wizkids?Heroclix has is Organized play and the number of figures they have in their sets. As a casual player Approved play means nothing to me and I can use Heroclix figures in Heroscape with some custom cards and photoshop until Heroscape gets more figures.
Now with Wizards of the Coast taking over the Heroscape line I can only draw thge conclusion that Wizards of the coast is eyeing the unhappy Heroclix fans out there. Wizkids claims to be unconcerned. if I was Wizkids i would be concerned.

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