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Re: Orc's Power Rankings

Originally Posted by wriggz View Post
Originally Posted by Lazy Orang View Post
Not sure I buy Raelin being stronger than Q9.
Given an option between bringing any army that includes Raelin, or any army that includes Q9, I think Raelin would be the safer bet. However, I don't think she is a whole grade better.

As far as Artifacts go, there are some other moves that seem odd...

Atlaga*(90, A-)
Still seems like a good sniper and with more heroes that bolt may be more useful, as well as 120 for other common clean up is fairly pricey in smaller armies.

Marcu Esenwein (20, A-) and Marro Warriors (50, A)
Don't see why these guys should be with the big boys. If you have 20 points left you should rebuild your army instead of throwing in a clean up figure.

Ashigaru Harquebus (60*, B-) not sure how they can be better when the startzones are smaller and points are less for the 200 point hero.

MacDirk Warriors (80*, C+) How?

Minions of Utgar (110*, A-)
and Sentinels of Jandar (110*, A-) again if the start zones are smaller, shouldn't they stay the same in value?

Tarn Viking Warriors (50, C+) again, how?

Khosumet the Darklord (75, C) ha, ha, ha. No.

It seems like you have a preference for Unique squads and fillers. I think if you are building an army that includes fillers you are building the wrong army for that point total. Also if you theory is that reverse the whip is the drive, I think you should look at the Bugbears and Mohicans. Those are tough units to use well. I think the Sacred Band is also undervalued if you know what you are doing. The Warforged are another tricky squad to get the most out of which may make them valuable if you know how to use them well.
A lot of stuff here, appreciate the input!

Raelin provides more value for her points than any other unit, and makes just about any army better for an insanely cheap price. She'd be an A+ at 90 points; at 80, she's a bargain. Q9 is great, but he isn't quite on her level (he's also not as efficient as Rats or possibly Marro Warriors).

Atlaga: a single-attack per turn, non-bonding hero with a once-per-game power that maybe swings a game doesn't belong on the level of A-'s. He's really not that efficient, and he's extremely squishy with a very short range. That said, he's not bad, but I don't think I bring him over, say, Concan, who has an amazing body (4/4 with 5 life for only 80 points).

MWs and Marcus are amazing. MWs are incredible in the hands of an amazing player; I'd rather give just about any other unit in RtW to my opponent than MWs. Marcu is incredibly efficient. 6 life with 4 attack is great, and, more than Isamu, is consistently worth the low investment.

Harqs by themselves are a nice alternative to 4th and 10th. Kato and Yari are bad, but 3x Harqs and Raelin at 260 is a surprisingly solid core.

MacDirks are very potent with Raelin and Alastair. They will quickly hit Heavy and Knight level stats. The potency of 6 quality attacks in a turn can not be understated. 3x MacDirks, Raelin, and Alastair is quite solid, and I'd take it over anything rated lower than B+, as well as some of the B+s.

Minions and Sentinels were never A- to begin with. The meta shift has no real effect on them (outside of the increase of Hounds, which wreck them).

Tarn are almost always worth the 50 points. They proved a cheap screen alternative for Rats. They give up Scatter to gain actual offensive relevance.

Khosumet should be a C, that's from an earlier draft. Good catch! Wasn't paying attention to the low units.

RtW isn't the only drive, but it is considered. HSBs and Mohicans are good, but B+ is very accurate for their power level. I already discussed the reasoning for SB in this thread. Warforged are ok, but really, they aren't as good as the other things, and they also are pretty easy to play, making them a bad choice for RtW. They're a strong B, but not a weak B+.
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