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Re: The Pre-SoV Workshop

Originally Posted by Pumpkin_King View Post
I think the availability would kill this one, but - the Varks are popular, and a lot of people have probably picked up that box anyway, so it must just be fun as a personal custom.
You're right. The likelihood of finding enough of these in the wild for SOV inclusion is pretty slim. I'll probably create a personal custom thread and work on it there so others can use the card if they have the figures.

On another note, with Wolf Pack added Execute the Defeated just becomes too problematic. I like Lone Wolves in its place instead if I'm going to keep Wolf Pack. Its much simpler and benefits if order marker 3 was revealed keeping to my original design for these guys.

Thanks everyone for your feedback! It helped,

ould keep this power in line. Let me know your thoughts

Varkaanan Deathfangs
Unique Squad

Move 4
Range 1
Attack 4
Defense 4
Points 120


When Order Marker 3 is revealed on the Varkaanan Deathfangs, add 2 their Move number and 1 extra attack die for that turn.

After revealing an Order Marker on the Varkaanan Deathfangs' card, before taking that turn with the Deathfangs, you may choose one other Unique Wolf Army Card you control and take a turn with it. You may not attack with more figures from the chosen Army Card than the number of destroyed Varkaanan Deathfangs on this card.

After taking a turn with the Varkaanan Deathfangs, if the Wolf Pack power was not used during that turn, the Varkaanan Deathfangs may move and attack one additional time."
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