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I think It would be perfect if you could have an option to play an exact replica of a heroshape game, terrain and all. A story mode would be cool, one for each general, as a main charecter and an AI controlled squad to go with it. e.g.

Sir Denrick and his knights

Venoc warlord and the Armocs

Tornak and blade gruts

Agent carr and the Nakitas, or other agents, I just like the Nakitas

Marcus and IX leigion

I tried to make everything bonding, but as you can see, vydar does not have a very good selection for bonding, so the agents can just tag along behind! I think a game could work, but only if it was really up to everyone's standards. Think of this: how cool could this game get on the wii? Atually moving your figs around with a flick of the wrist? Oh, and that wii idea was totally biased!

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