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Re: AotP Power Rankings: Army and Spell cards

I could see raising both of them. But to play devils advocate a bit...

The only weakness I see with the Necro-Alchemist is that you play spells pretty often with Jace. It’s rare that you sit with cards for too many turns. And if you do 9 dice rolls you only get 4 of them, at best. Great if they’re at the PW, sometimes wasted on squads if you get surrounded. I’ve found that there are some late game situations where you could use 2 extra dice but are out of charges. I could see bumping him up to A- given that.

You make a good point for the Geists. I think they’re the cheapest squad in the game, and you can summon them in and out to heal. Only negative is they lose enchantments when unsummomed, so that is something to consider if you were trying to beef them up at all. But they have great value for the cost, calling them discount Phantoms probably wasn’t fair. I’ll agree with you for them.
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