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Re: Unit Debate #9 -- Raelin (ROTV) Vs. Raelin (SOTM)

Originally Posted by MegaSilver View Post
I am shocked by the extreme margin of votes. 20 to 4 so far!

Of course she is meant to be a cheerleader, but I prefer versatility in battle, because after all the situation in battle will change often, and I want figures that can best take care of themselves.

I'm going to argue that the new Raelin is not more versatile. They have the same stats, so if Raelin is being attacked by anything they both are just as likely to take a fatal hit as the other. The Whirlwind attack should never come into play because Raelin should be surrounded your own figures, so a melee army should never get more than 1 figure to you anyway. If they are using range against Raelin you still won't be able to Whirlwind attack because the range will likely be spread a bit, or it is just to far away to move towards.

I play offensively quite a bit, but I still bring along Raelin (1.0) in many armies. Never once have I felt that drafting her has hindered my ability to move forwards and attack. (Barring melee armies where she shouldn't be drafted anyway.)

The thing about playing either Raelin is that you need an army that can afford to move her, or can sit next to her all game. The former is very rare if not non-existent, and the latter is ranged armies (quite common).

If you are playing a KoW army and expect to move Raelin (either one) up with them every turn, you are slowing an already slow progression of units that desperately need every chance to move closer to their enemy.

The main problem I see with Raelin (new) is that she doesn't bond with anyone. I know this would make her a very broken unit, but if she did bond I think the newer Raelin would have a slightly better chance. Even if they bonded, you still wouldn't want them tied up by other figures. 3 defense is good for a cheerleader, but not for an attack hero (especially when that attack is 3 dice). (I think this is Alistair's one flaw, but thats a new topic.)

All in a good debate.

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