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Re: Unit Debate #9 -- Raelin (ROTV) Vs. Raelin (SOTM)

Old or new?
1. Statistically, both are exactly the same. However, there is a great difference in special powers. Both have a form of the Defense Aura, but the old Raelin's gave a bonus of two as opposed to the new's bonus of one. However, the new's range is increased. Two defense, though, is much greater than an increase of one defense.
2. In playability, each Raelin fits perfectly in the Master Set they were designed for. The old only needs to sit back and boost the soldiers fighting before her. The new requires more order markers to use her powers such as Whirlwind Attack. But this means that less order markers would go to the squads that are kept alive much better under the old's aura.
3. Overall, the old Raelin is more useful, due to the one more defense she grants. Spider_Poison places old Raelin at a A+ and new Raelin at a B.
4. Head-to-head, whoever got the first strike or had the high ground would have the best chance of beating the other, since they have identical stats.
6. Strategically, the old Raelin works best behind large amounts of squads and strong, ranged heroes like Kaemon Awa and Q9. The new Raelin seems to be designed for fighting along with a small group of heroes and/or squads that can spread out more. Hmm....
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