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Re: Engagement question + more!

Originally Posted by MyNameIsGrundle View Post
1) When a figure is engaged can they ranged attack (normal or special) a different figure that they are not engaged with
If the attacking figure is engaged it cannot choose to attack a figure it is not engaged with.

2)if a figure is engaged with another figure can he use a ranged special/normal attack with the fiugure he's engaged with
Yes, if an engaged figure chooses to attack it must attack any of the figures it is engaged to. (An engaged figure is not required to make an attack.)

3)When you have swamp water and regular water connected, how do you handle moving? Do you stop when going from swamp water to regular water or does it transition as normal (since you don't have to stop when entering swamp)
If you step on water your figure stops. If the moving figure has a double base, it must have both feet in the water at the same time to stop. Swamp Water is not the same as Normal Water, you do not stop in swamp water.

4)I know height advantage doesn't add to special attacks but do you get the height defense boost against special attacks?
Yes, the defender always receives all the bonuses it currently holds (height, glyphs, etc)(Unless explicitly stated on the army card. Which is none of them.).

5)If I have a figure at an elevation of 5 but he's shooting (ranged) at a huge figure (height 11) does height advantage kick in, or does the figure's hieght effect it?
If the base of the attacking figure is higher than the base of the defending figure, then the attacker has height advantage. The defending figures height only matters in Extreme Height Advantage.

6) If the answer to question 5 is yes, how does it work with melee combat if the huge figure is like 8 levels below you but still tall enough to melee against?
They would still be adjacent, but [see answer 5].

7) Anubian Wolves/Marcu Esenwein/etc.: Their abilities affect them till the end of the turn (when Marcu betrays you I mean). When they have multiple moves on them how does this work? Is it just for that order marker?
Yes, and all order markers stay on Marcu (though your opponent may not look at them).

8 )I thought I had range and height figured out but the airborne elite have me confused. I thought the rules said height doesn't matter when calculating range, but the clarification on the Elite's grenade has the "lob" distinction which references how high it can be thrown. If height doesn't matter when calculating range why the clarification? Am I all wrong about how range works when shooting upwards?
There is a clarification on their card because it only effects them. If a figure is 16 levels above the AE, then they cannot throw grenades at it. But, if you throw it at a figure who is lower and adjacent to the high figure you can still hit them with the splash.

9) One last easy one while on the subect of airborn. Ok, so I have 2 engaged elite and 2 non engaged. I want to grenade. I know the 2 unengaged work fine, but does this mean the engaged ones get no grenades, or can only use them against the figure they're engaged with? ( i know, not the best strategic decision, but is it allowable)?
EDIT: My response was so wrong it was funny. Please see nyphot's post below this one for the actual answer.

I'm sure some other member could tell you were in all the rule books that all is, but it's to late for me to do all that searching. In all honestly, I think it would be the same amount of work if not more to do that.

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