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Re: Custom Overwatch Figures

Thank you for all the comments! Yeah, I know these customs aren't the most well made and refined, but I think a lot of these characters have such cool abilities! Some would translate very well into Heroscape, others not so much. I think your changes to everything are honestly great! Especially the Sleep Dart, I think you're right on making it a flat 17+ roll. Bastion could definitely be implemented a multitude of ways and I think giving him a double attack instead of an attack boost would probably work better! Good catch on Defense Matrix. It should be non-adjacent! And I see your point about D.Va. It would make more sense to give her an ability to resummon the mech. I never really thought about it that way, but I think you're right. As is, once she leaves her mech the player would probably never put an order marker on her. And overall I just think Doomfist is a hard one to copy into Heroscape, so again I think you're changes are all valid. I don't know if I will update these sometime soon, heck I hardly have any free time it feels! But if I do I will definitely take these changes into account!
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