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Re: HeroQuest Revival?

Originally Posted by Sir Heroscape View Post
But I'd be okay with the higher price if it meant they were bringing back Heroscape.

To be honest, I really don't know why they would bring back Heroquest but not Heroscape? Like that just seems bonkers to me? Maybe Heroquest was way more successful? I honestly have no idea, but Heroscape was easily the best game of it's time (and still is imo) and we see that in the commitment of the community and the continued growth in new players to the game.

I mean Heroquest has already raised $1,000,000 in crowdfunding for the project in just 24hours...just imagine if they rereleased Heroscape. Every member of this community would not only throw down massive cash, but we'd also tell all our friends and family Hasbro...just do iT!

If nothing else...this means that we MAY have some hope for a potential Heroscape comeback someday.
I am a big collector and fan of both games. In the late 1990s and up until 2004, I commonly visited many Hero Quest sites for the custom Monster Cards, Weapons Shop ideas, and Quests, so that is why I am throwing in my 2 cents too.

It seems to me that 1980s nerd culture and theme are still big right now.
I see this just the action figure lines being pumped out from all directions: G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, Super7 and Neca TMNT, Transformers, Star Wars, etc. So for me, I see a new version of Hero Quest supported by Hasbro as three fold:
1. Late 80s/Early 90s Nostalgia
2. Redoing a 30 year old game that is a grandfather of Heroscape (I believe Stephan Baker helped with some early Heroscape stuff--and was the main person behind Hero Quest)
3. Simple Dungeon Crawl fans have been hoping for a re-release for years, and it has had its own steady U.S. and European fanbase over the years...Just like G.I. Joe fans have been asking for a 6 inch line.

It would be great if this opened up things for Heroscape again. I would be willing to pay more, but I am more interested in newer variations in terrain and units--even if they were mainly repaints.

I also am looking forward to new versions of the other Hero Quest expansions (the other U.S. and European expansions).

It would also be amazing if this lead to another version of Space Crusade or even Battle Masters. Both of these may be less likely since there are very very heavy on the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K themes. I noticed that this new version of Hero Quest does not feature branded character names related to Warhammer lore, such as a Chaos Sorcerer, Chaos Warriors, and Fimir.

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