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Re: Frostgrave, Halo Ground Command and other tabletop minis

Originally Posted by Hahma View Post

Stairs will be normal terrain.

I also didn't magnetise the AT-ST, for the same reasons you mentioned. It's a cool model.

That's cool that you got another mat, so y can use just one for a smaller game that requires a 3x3 mat, or add the second for Legion games.

I'll have to check with my buddy Brian before we play our next game, as to whether or not we will use the new points. I would like to use them, as you said, it should be more fun to get the more expensive units or heavy weapons troopers at a new lower cost.

Did you see the upcoming Escape Pod release with R2D2 and C3PO?
For the most part it shouldn't be too hard to use the updated points. I use Tabletop Admiral for my Army Building. The guys just come over to my place and build an army from what I have anyway. Most of the time they have an idea of what they want to run and just fill in points based on what upgrade cards work for them. I'm still looking into printing the new RRG. I printed the older one that was fifty something pages long. The new one is 80 or so. I really like having a physical RRG in hand. The index is surprisingly helpful and you can find what you need very quickly.

I did see the new R2 and 3PO box. It doesn't excite me a ton. I have so much terrain as it is so I don't need the terrain. I've 3d printed some astromech droids as well as rebased my IA Chopper figure. He fits in nicely. With all the other options of units that are out that I think have more play ability or fun factor they rank lower on the list. I got my AT ST painted and based. My Bro in Law Steve came by my house and seen it and said, "I have to play with that". So he is going to try out Imperials against me and I'll have to fight the thing, because naturally I really don't mind letting the people that come out for a game run what they'd like. I told him if he runs that I might have to try out double tanks. When we had our 4 player free for all the other day.(Which was a blast) I ran a very heavy 6 storm trooper core army with nothing else really but DLT's but also ran veers and boba fett. The other Imperial Player ran vader and a bunch of DT's and a squad of snowtroopers, tore me up with vader. I think he choked out at least 3 of my DLT gunners, while his death troopers ripped up the rest. Then to the side, my Bro in law was running triple AT RT's with two equipped with flamers and one with a Chaingun. He blazed a couple of full squads of storm troopers. They all had a blast and cant wait to get in another game. I'm going to get in some Imperial vs Imperial action again here soon I can tell. Unless I decide to play a little rebel scum? I'm not done painting my squad of Shore troopers yet, and I just Ordered 1 pack of Taun Tauns. As far as my other minis that I don't use for anything, I've been on a give a way binge. I'll be shipping more stuff out next week. I'll be giving away a couple more Rancors next week as well, but I'll still have 5 of them. One IA one, and 4 more 3d Prints for Legion. I will be painting the next 3 of them in a couple of interesting color schemes. One will be some shades of red with some beige and white markings. One will be a multi shade of some greens, and I'm thinking the 3rd one may be in some blue tones. I googled some images and found some fun source material. It will be fun to look at I'm sure. I've been teaching my one Niece how to paint, and I think she is ready to dive into painting some of my minis with me. I told her she can just go into the mancave and pick some of her choice. I've only got a few thousand to do. I'm printing my other Niece a 5x5x5in Baby Groot right now. I've been printing a bunch of stuff for relatives and been painting that stuff instead of minis this last week. The kids all want something special to paint after seeing me paint all the stuff for different people. Its pretty fun. I'll be getting to do more painting tomorrow for sure.
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