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Re: The Pre-SoV Workshop

I've been working on a new addition to my favorite VC set, the Varkaanan clan, and found a pre-painted Wolfen Confrontation set call Great Fangs that I fell in love with. I absolutely love these guys and their imposing presence on the battlefield! I've named them the Varkaanan Deathfangs since their powerbase is based off the Swiftfangs.

I haven't had a chance to photograph them properly yet due to gloomy weather but I will make a card for them soon once weather conditions improve. My goal for this unique squad is to have them be slow moving terrors that stalk their pray. Whereas the Swiftfangs are meant to move out first, the Deathfangs are meant to move out last. Here is what I have so far.


Varkaanan Deathfangs
Unique Squad

Move 4
Range 1
Attack 4
Defense 3
Points 120

Finish the Hunt
When Order Marker 3 is revealed on the Varkaanan Deathfangs, add 2 their Move number and 1 extra attack die for that turn.

Execute the Defeated
After revealing an order marker on this card, If a Varkaanan Deathfang destroys a figure during his attack, he may move and attack 1 more time. Each Varkaanan Deathfang may only use this power once per turn.

Unrelenting Stalk
When a Varkaanan Deathfang rolls defense dice against an attacking figure who is not adjacent, add 2 automatic shields to whatever is rolled.


Design notes:

1. With a move of 4, the Desthfangs are the slowest wolves of the pack. And since they will only shine during turn 3 and cannot use their execute power unless an order marker is revealed on their card, the player will have to use the Wolf Pack power with other wolves to slowly get them into position so they can land that killing blow on turn 3.

2. Thematically, Wolf pack was purposely left off this card as these wolves are called to end the hunt once their brothers have already gone forward. From a balance perspective, they are too strong if you can bond with other wolves when they reveal an order marker 3 and use their execute power.

3. When I created Execute the Defeated, I imagined them slowly walking the battlefield looking for survivors and executing them. I loved the idea of these terrifying, hulking wolves scouring the remains of the battlefield looking for a kill while collecting skulls and loot. This also matches the figures themselves since one of them is holding a jar, one has a skull on his head, and one looks like an actually executioner.

4. The Unrelenting Stalk power provides a great visual of a slow, lumbering beast stalking you from afar while impervious to anything that you throw its way to stop him. From a gamplay perspective, with their average defense and move of 4 and because they are most likely not going to be activated till the end of a round, they needing something to help them survive against range attacks as they slowly work their way up the battlefield. They can still be defeated easily if their opponent gets the jump on them and meets them in hand to hand combat. I've gone back and forth on 1 auto defense vs 2 and landed with 2 since they were a little fragile against multiple range squads.

I'll make an attractive card later. Looking forward to your thoughts!
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