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Re: sam268 battle report!

So, here is the battle report, I will quickly go over the armies for this battle again.

Sam268: Mimring, Syvvaris, Srgt. Drake Alexander RotV, Ne-Gok-Sa, and Marro warriors.

Jimmy: Raelin RotV, Agent Carr, Tarn Vikings, Krav Maga, Izumi Samurai, and Airborne Elite.

And we will play on a map I made called Feldspar Cliffs!

Round 1.

Jimmy does not drop Airborne. He wins initiative, immediately moving his vikings up to the glyph on his side of the map.

I move up the marro warlord to the same area on my side of the map.

Jimmy's second turn was on Raelin, and she makes use of her speed by landing on his glyph revealing +4 range.

I had similar plans in mind for ne-gok-sa. My glyph is attack +1.

He moves up agent carr with his vikings, and I fly Mimring up to my island. Round 1 ends.

Round 2.

Jimmy fails on his airborne drop roll. I win initiative. Moving Syvvaris up a little, I take two shots at his vikings. Raelins defense aura saves their lives.

Still under raelins protection, his vikings get closer to my front line.

My marro warriors move into position to protect syvvaris from a viking slaughter. None of them are able to get any hits though.

Agent carr charges in and kills a marro.

I bring in mimring for my last turn, and use his fire breath on a line of vikings. Raelins aura is proving to be to powerful to overcome though.

Jimmy decides the range glyph isnt worth holding, so he flies raelin up to the top of the map, looking down on the battle for the attack glyph below.

Round 3.

Jimmy finally rolls a 14 and drops his airborne elite, but I win initiative. He scatters them over the high places on the map.

My first turn is on syvvaris, who takes action against the new threat, and shoots two of them on opposite sides of the map. 2 shots, 2 kills.

His airborne strike back, and deal syvvaris 2 wounds.

Mimring flies back to his little island on my side of the map, and, with his scorching breath, burns raelin and toasts a third airborne.

Agent carr makes a valiant charge, and attacks the marro warlord, only slightly injuring him.

However, expecting this move, I had my third order marker on ne-gok-sa. After a nice long conversation, the warlord convinces the lone agent to join his cause. Jimmy's heavy hitter gets mindshackled.

Jimmy's vikings, desperate to slow down what will clearly be a devestating charge on my part, run in and engage as many as they can. My defense is too strong for his vikings though.

Round 4.

I win initiative. Knowing I will not be able to kill the vikings boosted by raelin, I take aim at the winged woman herself. Syvvaris, protected by a wall of marro, fires two shots at raelin, both dealing 2 wounds. Raelin goes down.

Jimmy moves his samurai up.

My marro warriors fend of two vikings, killing them.

Jimmy charges in with his samurai to replace the dead vikings. A marro warrior gets cut down.

Mimring flies in, and burns 2 samurai and a viking. My forces are nearly clear to move on.

Jimmy's krav start to move in for a last stand.

Round 5.

I win initiative again. The last samurai (phun intended) is no match for the sword of reckoning and attack glyph.

His first turn was on the izumi, so I go again, and syvvaris goes under the overhang alone, shooting the last airborne off of his sniping position.

The krav attack syvvaris, but somehow do no damage. Mimring flies in and turns two of three agents into torches.

Jimmy, left with one krav maga and one viking, agrees this game is over, and surrenders to my superior forces. Sam268 wins!

The map after the battle.

After game thoughts: I must admit the dice were really in my favor this game. Although jimmy had a pretty powerful front line at first, once raelin went down, his army really collapsed. I was certainly lucky with ne-gok-sa, but I think if jimmy had just gotten to height with his krav early on, he would have had a much better chance at winning. The map was kinda bizzare, but we both thought it was fun to play on.

P.S. sorry about the bad paint job in the background, that room really needs to be redone, and as of now, I dont have any other good spot to set up the map.

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