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Re: Dungeon Run - Coming Soon from Plaid Hat Games

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Well, I just ordered Dungeon Run for stock at my store yesterday. If it is shipping October 31st, then it should be here for sale by November 5th. I imagine I'm not the only FLAGS to be smart enough to order direct.
Do you get a wholsale discount? I would imaging they have like cases of 8 or more that you can get at hopefully at least 40% discount, otherwise retailers will have a hard time trying to make money.
I won't go into details about how business like this is done. I will just say that my order from Plaid Hat Games is essentially no different than my direct accounts with FFG, Games Workshop, or Chessex. It is simplified a bit making it easier on me. It works as long as we are both honest. I'm not sure how many other retailers do business with Plaid hat. I know that eventually, for his own protection, Colby will have to change the way he does business with FLAGS but I'm not about to make that happen sooner than it needs to by giving away information I shouldn't. Business that takes place between retailers, distributors, and publishers is deliberately made very fair for the benefit of all. They all work hard to keep it that way. It is very easy for one company to come in and mess it up for everyone.

I know I didn't really answer this, but I'm sure Colby and others in the business know quite well what I am talking about.

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