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Re: The Book of Spider-Girl

It's been a long time coming.... But let's have a go at another strategy write up.

Spider-Girl is rumored to be one of those heroes that are underrated and often passed up when it comes to drafting an army.

It would seem that the daughter of Spider-Man didn't inherit the trademark Spidey Sense, but her array of potent tricks are more then enough to crush your opponents spirits and turn the tides of battle in your favor.

As always I'll give a brief overview of her powers before diving into how I play her.

Bio-Magnetic Field 12
Immediately after any opponents numbered Order Marker is revealed, you may roll the 20 sided die. If you roll a 12 or higher, all small or medium figures adjacent to Spider-Girl may not move, attack or use any special power this turn.


Field Pulse
Before Spider-Girl moves, you may choose one small or medium figure adjacent to Spider-Girl. Place the choosen figure on any empty space within one space from it's original placement. A figure moved with Field Pulse never takes any leaving engagement attacks...

This is another excellent ability with significant offensive and defensive outcomes.

Swing Line 3
Instead of her normal move, Spider-Girl may use her Swing Line.

Basically allowing her a move of 3 with stealth fly. Excellent for getting up a castle wall, or getting away from a sticky situation.

The stats.

Life - 4
Move - 6
Range - 4
Attack - 3
Defense - 5

Points - 140

Pretty mediocre. The range is always nice, but her attack of 3 is nothing to get to excited about. Her defense of 5 is the most important stat on the card. It's what supports her the most in my armies and is what makes her an amazingly versatile way to spend 140 points.

Now for the good stuff.

Spider-Girl is first and foremost a Mutant. This means she will obviously give you the biggest yield when fielding a Professor X army.

I started giving her a in-depth look when I started looking for more ways to move/protect Professor X, and what i found was she may be one of the very best at doing just that.

A great "core" army based around Spider-Girl.
Professor X - 220
Spider-Girl - 140
Jean Grey - 180
Deadpool - 285

This is a Mutant setup that works PERFECTLY together, if playing a higher point total then feel free to add to it as you see fit.

The early game...
Field Pulse shines in the first few turns as it allows the extra little movement out of the gate. This ability allows you to move both friendly and enemy units before Spider-Girls own movement. So I would use Spider-Girl to Field Pulse Professor X followed by Jean Grey's Telekinesis to quickly position Professor X where I wanted on the board.

The middle game...
Once battle actually starts the main goal for anyone facing a Professor X army is usually to kill Professor X. This is where Spider-Girl is so strong at putting a major wrench in that gameplan. With Professor X in position (Hopefully on height with Deadpool adjacent to him and Jean Grey/Spider-Girl within the range of his X ability) Spider-Girl moves slightly ahead to assert herself as a tank of sorts for anyone coming in to get a whack at the Professor.

Bio-Magnetic Field 12 really REALLY shines at this phase of the game. You engage Spider-Girl with anyone coming close to X. Whenever the opponent reveals the next OM he has to go through 4.. I'll say again 4! layers of defense to get to Professor X. First they need to survive Spider-Girls Bio-Magnetic field roll to see if they are even able to move and attack at all, and with a %40 chance of doing just that is nothing to laugh at and becomes a HUGE annoyance for the enemy. Second if they want to attack Professor X (which most people tend to want to do) they then have to survive Jean Grey's Psionic Grip, another %40 chance they will not be able to move. 3rd if they get past both of those rolls and are able to break engagement with Spider-Girl to attack Professor X an adjacent Deadpool steps up to bite the bullet with his Wisecrack 13. 4th if they manage to get a convincing attack on anyone during the turn you always have your ace in the hole to shut it all down (The X).

Should your opponent manage to get away from Spider-Girl to attack Professor X then on your next turn you simply use Jean Grey first to try and Telekinises them back into engagement with Spider-Girl. If that is a success then shoot them down with Deadpool, if that fails then activate Spider-Girl to engage the threat herself with either her move or her Swing Ling and rinse and repeat the process.

If your opponent seems to try and get hip to your strategy by trying to attack Spider-Girl first before moving on to Professor X then it is still a challenge in itself. You can opt to move Deadpool adjacent with Spider-Girl so that should Bio-Magnetic Field fail there is still a chance that Deadpool's Wisecrack is there to back her up... And if both fail then you still have your X to protect her should a heavy attack roll fall.

As you can see this can be extremely effective... and it has always been for me. Here is a pic taken during one of my latest playtests that show how I put this to use against my good friend GamerHusband (who then urged me to post this strategy)

You can see that Professor X is on the single heightened spot behind the battle with Green Goblin and Lex Luthor, but still within 3 spaces of all of my front line Mutants. I used Wolverine in this test, but have since switched him out with Deadpool for the reasons stated above. This was VERY effective as GH had difficult figuring out a way around this army. Spider-Girls Bio-Magnetic Field consistently took away 1-2 turns per round with the 3rd being taken away from the X on Professor X.

As he tried to move away Field Pulse and Telekinises constantly put his units back where I wanted them to be as Wolverine continued to shred anything got in the trap.

As always, I went on writing more then I intended, but I hope you all enjoyed this little write up on one of the most effective Mutants in my eyes.

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