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I stopped at 4 Master Sets - although I'd not turn up my nose at more terrain, I can't justify spending 20 to get yet MORE Mimrings, Krav Maga etc. I got the first MS at huge expense from a big games fair in Germany 18 months ago, then three more in the great Argos 20 sell-off. Besides, you can build pretty adequate maps with 4 sets

I've also got 2 RTFF and 2 Tundras (I like symmetry), though think that a 3rd RTFF might beckon at some point (hexagonal based maps often call for triangular symmetry). 1 of each hero/unique pack, and 2 of almost all of the commons (I've got 3 romans, and 3 drones, but only 1 Monks and 1 Knights - again, I'll rectify that later).

Of course, all that Heroscape doesn't take up THAT much room, but the other 500 or so games do. All the figures (except the large monsters) live in two "Assorter 13 Handy Boxes" bought from Maplin. Useful carry cases as they let me sort everything by unit and faction. I reckon that there's enough space for another two waves before I'll need a third.

I know that I can't be the only HS player in Brum - it just feels like it.
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