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Re: Sports: NFL

I think the Panthers will have a shot this year, but they're going to be fighting with Tampa all season long. But, my green and gold warriors still have a shot to win their division, even without Favre. So, here's my picks.

NFC East
Eagles- Giants aren't consistent enough, Washington just lost their head coach and got a nobody to take his place, and I really hate the Cowboys. So I'll take Samuel and the Eagles.

NFC North
Packers/Vikings- Even without Favre, the young talent in Green Bay still has a shot. I'm not sold on Rodgers yet though. The Vikings are going to be big competitors this year, but Chicago is rotten, and the Lions are going to crash again.

NFC South
Buccaneers/Panthers- I still like Tampa's chances, but the Panthers should compete this year. Reggie Bush isn't helping the Saints at all, and Matt Ryan can't resurrect the Falcons in one year.

NFC West
Seahawks- This'll be Holmgrens' last year there, and with him and Hasselbeck there's no way they'll miss the playoffs. No one else in the division can compete.

AFC East
Patriots- I hate them, but their division sucks.

AFC North
Browns/Steelers- I like the Browns this year (they're helped by the Steelers' schedule), but they've got to go through Pittsburgh first.

AFC West
Chargers- They've still got LT, but Denver and Kansas City could upset them.

AFC South
Jaguars- Jacksonville made some improvements this offseason, and the Colts' loss to the Chargers shook my faith in Manning. I think this will be the best division this year.

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