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Re: Sports: NFL

Here are my predictions....

NFC South
Panthers- I don't really pay attention much to this division, and I don't want to upset the creator of this topic.

NFC East
Cowboys- As much as I hate to say it (I'm a skins fan), they're the best team in this division. They have way too much talent and IMO, could go all the way to the Super Bowl. The Giants will have an average season because of Eli's inconsistancy(sp?). The Eagles will do great, but not enough to win the division. My Redskins, well, won't do too hot since they have a new coaching staff and everything. They look like a really talented team with Campbell, Cooley, Moss, and Portis on there.

NFC North
Vikings - This division is the only division where neither team has a quarterback! T-Jack for the Vikes, Rodgers for the Packs, Grossman or whichever one of their 5 bad QB's, and (I think) Jon Kitna for the Lions(I don't pay attention to the Lions much cause I never hear about them) The Vikes had a very good defense last year and will have an even better one with Jared Allen on it. They also have one of the best O-Line and the rookie sensation AP. The only bad thing about this team is their QB and WRs.

NFC West
Seahawks - This was easy, since this division is filled with a bunch of mediocre(sp?) teams other than the Seahawks.

AFC South
Colts - It's been this way since forever, but I just can't see the Jags taking this division over the Colts.

AFC East
Patriots - Well, they're the best team in the NFL and have a WORTHLESS division. No brainer here.

AFC North
Steelers- I think they'll battle this division out with the Browns but the Steelers will prevail because of their great D and because of Parker and Ward. Don't get me wrong, the Browns are good, but they have absolutely NO DEFENSE, and Jamal Lewis is getting way too old. The only good thing about this team is DA and Edwards, but those two can't lead this team by themselves.

AFC West
Chargers- Are you kidding me?! You picked the Chiefs to win this division. Sorry, but that is the worst prediction EVER! They're in a rebuilding stage right now, they're only gonna win 5 or 6 games this season. The Chargers on the other hand, are on the hunt for the Super Bowl. Of course there's LT, and with a full season with Chambers, and Gates at TE, they have some weapons on offense. And their D is stacked with Cromartie, Jammer, Merriman, and IMO the most underated LB in the NFL, Shaun Phillips.

Go Redskins!

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