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Re: C3G Promotions Dept. | FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS - Green Energy

Originally Posted by IAmBatman View Post
There isnít but I would love to see a write up!
I like the theme that not just anyone can wield the power of a Green Lantern, and if you're not chosen, then the closest you'll get is being within the Aura of Willpower.
Similarly, Parallax can give anyone Fear, but not just anyone can utilize the Yellow Battery markers it places on its host's card.

I'd want to that theme to be retained if there were a Ring glyph.

I'm not versed in any way with Lantern-Lore, so I'd be a terrible person to try making a draft for the ring.

I'm probably overly obsessed with the Doctor Doom character thanks to this game, and this is a pretty comic books-y type question, but wouldn't he be a good candidate for the ring? I'd love to hear thoughts on why or why not. I might be fundamentally misunderstanding something about the Corps.

Willpower is one of, if not Doom's strongest attributes. Great scene with the Purple Man here:
Spoiler Alert!

It's represented by Mental Shield in the game. So considering if that could be a qualifier for the ring, who else has Mental Shield?
Magneto, and Juggernaut both have Mental Shield thanks to their helmets, but they're both pretty willful people. Nothing stops the Juggernaut!

Karate Kid seems willful as well, though I'm not familiar with the character. Zemo gets it from his headband, and he's willful, but is he Green-Lantern worthy?
Not sure, and I really don't know about the Stepfords, Vulcan, Psimon, Mentallo or others I might have missed. But I think perhaps Mental Shield might not be the best qualifier.

Right now, there's a few powers Doom could steal and use from some Lanterns, like Going Nuts Special Attack (lol).

If Doom is already Hostage to Parallax Entity, and survived long enough to get 3 Yellow Battery Markers, he could steal Parallax Hal's powers, giving Doom the name Yellow Lantern for some safety from Parallax Entity that round, and the ability to use Energy Massacre. Very situational, and likely not worth the effort.

Batman seems to have no problem getting rings. Maybe because he's Batman, or maybe they get passed around more than I realize.
He's probably due to have a few different cards dedicated to his various Bat-Lantern incarnations, but also a Utility E-Glyph.
If Lantern rings are pretty exclusive like I'm lead to believe, maybe only Batman figures with the Driven personality could activate the powers on that particular glyph.
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