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Re: Back in the game after over a decade!

Originally Posted by chas View Post
Welcome back! Once you finish unboxing, don't forget that there are many "Unofficial" Heroscape character cards designed by our site committees, for both Classic and Marvel Scape that are here to further expand your Scaping. You can print them right out, grab some proxy figures, and put them into your games. The original designer of Heroscape was knocked out by what we've done since the game stopped being published.

For various wacky playing ideas of many types, check out the thread below my signature line for the adventures of my local group, who gathered monthly for 13 years before these Pandemic, with very few breaks. Some of these guys were involved with the committee made figures; I had some input myself.

Scape on!
For sure! This is season is definitely a stepping stone to bigger, more exciting content. I canít wait to put out different types of HS content using the knowledge, figures and experience I have gained through my inaugural season of content. Please stay tuned for so much more Heroscape! Iím really excited for the future of my channel!
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