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Re: Casters of Valhalla

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Just want to say I tuned into this podcast today and I love it! Love that you go in depth with strategy and the meta of the game. You guys really make me want to play and buy units I donít own. When things get better I plan on going to Gencon. Iím part of the Southern California Heroscape group and we havenít met up in a long time.
You should try out the online interface! I just played in Season 39 and signups for Season 40 are on. Convenient way to get in some competitive games (or casual ones too if you schedule outside of the "seasons")
Iíll definitely check it out. Iíve been curious about it from a far, but never really pulled the trigger cause I like actually playing in person. With my new job giving some more free time Iíll look into doing some causal games first before going into a tournament.

Looking for games like Heroscape and Arena Planewalkers to bring to the table. Please PM me suggestions. Thank you.
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