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Re: Back in the game after over a decade!

Originally Posted by Sir Heroscape View Post
Originally Posted by MKPlusUltra View Post
Originally Posted by Sir Heroscape View Post
Welcome @MKPlusUltra !

The excitement of new units is always exciting no doubt! Glad to hear you're getting back into it.

Also, welcome to the HS YouTuber realm...there are only a few of us out there I myself have been doing weekly heroscape videos for the past 5 lots of content if you ever wanna hop on and check it out (my channel is the same as my name here, or just click the link in my signature). There's a ton to do, learn and participate in here in the community and it'll be good to have some "new blood" on the forums!
Thank you very much! I just subscribed and checked out a couple of your videos. It really pumped me up to see someone already doing exactly what I want to do! I was sitting here talking about you with my brother (the other guy featured in the video) and we went to your channel. He literally said oh I know this guy, Ive already seen a couple of his videos, hes cool. Hes like the YouTube Heroscape guy I hope you check out my future content. First few months will be my unboxing phase, but in future season I for sure want to have battle videos, army builds, map builds etc. Thank you again for reaching out. I really appreciate it!
Oh cool! yeah, I enjoyed watching your excitement unboxing in the above video. We're all just a bunch of big kids playing with our toys, and we love it! haha

Yeah, I look forward to seeing what other content you provide. The more exposure we can get, the better. Never know when our beloved game may come back (we're still hoping!).
For sure!!! Whos to say its impossible?!

I am also looking forward to your future content. Watching your videos gave me ideas and inspiration for future content on my own channel. Hopefully somewhere down the line, when I get more established, we can do a collaboration and truly campaign for the return of Heroscape!
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