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Large SuperHeroscape Lot For Sale: Customs and Original Set

Large SuperHeroscape Lot For Sale: Customs and Original Set
Hi all

Former player and Heroscape custom builder here. My kids are all grown-up and I haven't played in years. I loved working on customs (regular game and Marvel/DC) and put many hours toward scouring Ebay for minis and designing cards/powers to build a custom collection for me and my boys.

I also loved coming on the forums and seeing all the creative work produced by other Heroscapers. However, I've decided it's time to move on from this collection, and I'm hoping it can find a good home here by someone who will get the most out of it.

I'm a bit of a stickler for details, so all of my builds have bases that match the original black bases from the starter set (black with a gravel sticker). I also always tried to get the best sculpts available...some of them out there are pretty bad. I also do a lot of graphic design and photography in my job, so these cards will reflect that. I took my own photos of the actual minis and incorporated them into the cards as well as using the correct font, colors, etc.

The powers on the cards have been playtested well. Some are pulled from other customs on this site, and there are some originals too. Since I was playing with my kids, I always preferred to keep things limited in complexity. Still really fun to play, but without the overwhelming details.

The set includes what you see in the pictures. I won't list it all out here, but you should get a really good idea from the photos (I took a lot of them).

76 minis, Original Marvel minis, X-Men, Spider-Man villains, Fantastic Four, Batman and Batman villains

Original and Custom Cards for each mini have sleeves. Only one side--we didn't ever use that other side.

Concrete and Asphalt terrain and Wall

Markers, dice, custom tokens

It all fits nicely in plastic containers that I will also provide (see pic).

I've posted a couple pics below and here is a link to see all of the photos I took.

Anyway, thanks for reading all this...if you are interested in purchasing this, please PM me. I know just the original Marvel Set is still pretty valuable on Ebay, and I've put MANY hours into building this collection. That said, I'm not trying to make a bundle on this. I'd like to get some money for it, but what I'd really like is for it to go to someone who will appreciate it and enjoy it in the same way we did for those years we were playing.


p.s. If it's really important that you see each card, I can dig up the digital files and post them as well.

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