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Re: Frostgrave, Halo Ground Command and other tabletop minis

Originally Posted by Hahma View Post
I haven't looked at everything @TREX , but it seems like some good changes.

I'd like to have the E-Web on the Grave tank.

It's not easy or often to be able to get the AT-ST to be able to use all of its weapons on a turn because of rhe range restrictions. But at least it won't cost as much for Weiss.
I spent a decent amount of the day priming 3d prints. I bought a few stl files from skullforgegames the other week and had printed all of them out. I printed 4 additional squads of shoretroopers along with a funny version of their mortar launcher guy. I put together a mortar cannon to go with the shoretrooper that is sitting in a beach chair with a cocktail in his hand. I'll send you some pics later after I paint some of them. That puts me at 6 squads of shoretroopers total with the two legit ones I have. I also bought some files from a guy named bigmiller bro for Rebel fleet trooper options. I added in some alternate heads that I found or put together including the rediculous domed helmet and printed 4 more squads of those. I had to custom make the troopers holding the barrage launcher and shotgun. I primed up the max amount of Imp Special forces along with some kitbashed ones I'm using for Gideon and Hask. Also made up the maximum amount of Commando Rebel Strike teams and Rebel Pathfinders. I just made X2 of the base squad because Bistan and Pao are the only heroes that can be used with them. Also, finished priming up all my remaining mandalorians. I picked up some of those cool jetpack/jetpack trail files as well. I'm going to go in and modify some of the mando and arc trooper files to angle their feet and print some flying troopers on those "Flight Stands" for fun. I basically made enough of every unit that we can play exactly whatever we want with whatever army we want.
The list of my units is:


Emperor Palpatine
Vader X4
Boba Fett X2
Iden Versio
Imperial Special Forces X3
Imperial Inferno Squad X1
Death Troopers X4
Snowtroopers X6
Stormtroopers X8
Stormtrooper Upgrade X7
Shoretroopers X6
Imperial Upgrade X5
Imperial Occupier Tank X3
Dewback Rider X4
EWEB Gunner Team X4
Imperial Speeder Bikes X4
Imperial Royal Guard X1
Imperial Scouts X1
Imperial Sniper Strike team X4


Luke SkywalkerX4
Leia Organa
Han Solo
Jyn Urso
Cassian Andor
Sabin Wren X2
Taun Taun Riders X3
FD Turret X3
Rebel Veterans X6
Rebel Troopers X8
Rebel Trooper Upgrade X5
Rebel Pathfinders X3
Mandalorian Resistance X4
Clan Wren X1
Rebel Commandos X1
Rebel Commando Strike Team X4
Wookiee Warriors X5
Rebel Fleet Troopers X6
Rebel Upgrade X5
Air Speeder X2
Landspeeder X3


Obi Wan Kenobi X3
Anikan Skywalker
Padme Amidala
Captain Rex
Phase 1 Clone Troopers X6
Phase 1 Upgrade X6
Phase 2 Clone Troopers X6
Barc Speeder X3
Clone AT RT X3
Saber Tank X2
Arc Troopers X3
Arc Trooper Strike Team X4

Separatists CIS

General Grievous X3
Cad Bane
Count Dooku
Darth Maul X2
Droidekas X3
Stap Riders X4
Super Battle Droids X6
B1 Battle Droids X6
B1 Battle Droid Upgrade X6
Commander Droid X6
Commando Droids X3

Also have a handful of alternates characters that don't have cards but are fun. Like a few yoda's , baby yoda, etc.
It was fun to list it out. I've got to finish painting it up now to get caught back up. This will get me caught back up with all current releases. I've got files for a couple of the new releases coming up, but no spoilers on those at the moment.

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