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9MS, plus expansions Map by me

Here's one I worked on Saturday at a buddies. We have access to 9 Master sets, 1 SotM, 2 Forests, 6 Castles, 3 Lava, 3 Ice, and 1 Marvel Set.

The above shows the map in full. Basically you have your river down the middle, a bridge going over it, and various roads running on both sides. On the right is a Lava Cliff and Ice caves underneath. You enter the caves from both the top and bottom of the map. On the left we have a "ewok tree village" or something like one.

We haven't decided what scenario to use on this yet although we played a Marvel good guys vs bad guys match for capture the flag.

This is another shot of the Ewok village. You get a better Idea of how it's setup. We used the ladder pieces as well as the locking sides of the castle set to stabilize the trees.

We forgot Venom was inside the Ice cave when we took this shot. Anyhow this is the Ice cave. It runs the entire length of the map on the right side.

This is my first map of this size and I did it in kind of a rush. Took me several hours to plan on Virtualscape and several hours to build. We're gonna keep this up for a few weeks then I want to work on a very, VERY tall map that will be sort of a clock tower from hell.
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