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Re: PAS(Project Animescape)

Originally Posted by Razqua View Post
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I liked your character proposal however I'm not familiar with the anime. Could I get some details and descriptions of Shimazu? He sounds really cool and well worth the development. Keep us posted.
So drifters is kinda like if Heroscape was an anime. You have various historical figures who are thrown into this fantasy world to duke it out for the fate of humanity. Some of them good. Some of them evil. Shimazu Toyohisa is the main character. He is also an actual historical figure but obviously the person from history and the character in the show are two very different things. He is a samurai bound by an honor code who will do anything he has to in order to win a battle including sacrificing his own life. In the very first episode he impales himself onto multiple spears so he can get a shot off at the enemy general. That's my justification for the fearless fighter ability. The reason I put the headhunter ability is because he seems to have a sort of obsession with collecting the heads of his enemies. When watching the show with a friend of mine we would frequently joke "more heads for Toyohisa"
For any more information about the character you might need here's the wiki page on him.
He would definitely be really cool to use. Would you like to find the image for his card? I also need the drifters logo. Are you wanting to join the project? I'm thinking we should start over.
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