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Re: PAS(Project Animescape)

Originally Posted by Razqua View Post
So is this project dead? Kind of a shame. I feel like anime characters would work really well for HeroScape. Although the pg 13 rules(especially as you phrased it) is very limiting. I understand the need to be kid friendly but it's not like kids have to watch the shows characters come from. Most iconic anime features nudity or obscene gestures. Even Dragon Ball has some nudity in it so by your rules we can't have any character from that series. The C3G project has characters like deadpool even though they clearly aren't kid friendly.
Anyway with criticisms out of the way Id like to propose a character to add. Obviously this is just a rough idea for the card but the character is Shimazu Toyhisa from Drifters.

Name: Shimazu Toyohisa
(Human, Unique Hero, Samurai, Valiant)
Size:Medium 5
Anime name: Drifters

Life: 4
Move: 7
Range: 1
Attack: 4
Defense: 3
Points 150???(points will be decided later on)

Special Power 1: Head Hunter
Whenever Toyohisa kills a unique figure he gets a head token. For each head token he posses Toyohisa gets +1 to his normal attack rolls.

Special Power 2: Fearless Fighter
Toyohisa can attack any number of enemies within melee range but for each extra attack he does he get -1 to all defense rolls for the rest of the round.

So he's basically a powerful glass cannon that can do some real damage if you can put him in a group of enemies but is very easy to kill if caught in a bad position.
Sorry Razqua I guess we kinda all forgot about it. I meant more along the lines of characters that are in major need of clothing at all times. Not as in the series itself because although I've never personally seen One Punch Man I have heard from friends who have and there's quite a bit if non pg-13 material. Anyways thanks for the bump maybe we'll get some new visitors.
I liked your character proposal however I'm not familiar with the anime. Could I get some details and descriptions of Shimazu? He sounds really cool and well worth the development. Keep us posted.
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