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DnD Miniatures collection for HeroScape

So I'm trying to get into heroscape but I currently have no money to do so. I do however have an old collection of DnD miniatures I'm willing to trade for HeroScape products. They have all been stored in less than ideal conditions so some of them are bit bent and in not the best shape. I have all the original cards for the miniatures(except for the ones that didn't have any). I will produce pictures on request. Here's a list of everything.

Gargantuan Black Dragon ( I looked it up and this one goes for $75+ online)

Armored Guulvorg (Some of the spikes on his back are missing. He still looks good though)

Young Green Dragon

Fire Bat

Dwarf Battlemaster

Yuan-Ti Swiftscale

Elf Warlock

Shade Knight

Grinning Imp

Deathpriest of Orcus

Warforged Infiltrator

Defiant Rake

Vicious Bearded Devil

Orc Zombie

Deathlock Wight

Hobgoblin Guard

Goblin Picador

Bugbear Lancebreaker

Soulrider Devil

Drow Assassin

Mind Flayer Scourge

Gnoll Marauder

Iron Defender

Gnoll Demon Adept

Krusk Half-Orc Barbarian

Dragonborn Defender

Guard Drake


Gnaw Demon

Human Sellsword

Runespiral Demon

The rest of these are from The Dnd Basic GametA really old tutorial set for dnd 3.5):

Regdar, Human Fighter

Carn, Human Rogue

Lanin, Elf Wizard

Dothal, Dwarf Cleric

Orc Mauler


Goblin Archer

Goblin Warrior



Tomorrow Ill try to get a picture of the whole group up. I can't do it right now cause I don't have proper lighting.

Edit: Got the pictures.

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