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Re: Summoner Wars by Plaid Hat Games

Originally Posted by Kroz View Post
Don't let the hydrake get adjacent to both of them. That would be disastrous.
Note that Hydrake can attack the twins twice because each attack is resolved separately, but someone like Krung or Gror only gets to do one attack's worth of damage, because that's an Area-of-Effect attack, not multiple attacks like Hydrake or Berserkers.

I just wish they could easily both target the same unit (like Hail of Arrows).

Stink and Bombers... did they scavenge all of this tech or make it themselves? It seems strange to think that goblins would be able to invent bombs when it took the intellect of a human such as Leonardo de Galno, a supergenius, to do the same. However, they do seems to have a large amount of gunpowder... does this imply that the Sand Goblins are relatively near to the Cloaks?

~Prometheus, really wishing the bios got previewed alongside the cards


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