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Re: New England Heroscape Events - CANCELED UNTIL FURTHER NO

Hey all,

The game stores I used in past events are all limited to no events. Something about card/board games where you can't really social distance. The stores themselves either closed for walk ins or removed all tables and are retail only.

From what my information tells me Providence College is the reasoning for RI to be reinstated on the travel ban list. Me being in RI I've followed the travel ban, to an extent. Seekonk/Attleboro are the closest shopping centers to me so I go there but I'm right on the line so I think it's alright. I don't go any further than that and I know you guys are up there so that's the impossibility.

We could do something in either RI or MA, but not both. That would cut our numbers in half so I don't think that would be realistic. Curry, have you checked out online events? Could relieve the itch you've been having. For me, I've had my armies picked out for some time but recently moved so my time has otherwise been occupied. Hope all is well with all of you!

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