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Re: Curry_Noodles's Customs Thread

Originally Posted by Curry_Noodles View Post
I looked up what Imp was when creating the character - I could easily make him a rouge, however I wanted him to be mischievous, "trickster" type of character so rather than make him a rouge I just wanted to make him kind of like this little runt troublemaker figure
Ah, I was unaware that Imp also functions as a class. I'd still personally prefer something else like Thief, Trickster, or Troublemaker for the class because Imp is probably always going to be tied to a species in my mind.

Originally Posted by Curry_Noodles View Post

Gunnvaldr (Figure is from D&D: Icons of the Realms - Epic Level Starter Set , Human Barbarian)

Notes: My first impression was to somehow get this figure to play with the Tarn Vikings - Both are these wild barbarian/warrior types and I felt that Gunnvaldr would make a great leader. As I brainstormed, I started to think more broadly and I wanted to make a character bond thematically - so I decided to create/brainstorm a bonding similar to that of the Gladiators and Discipline Armies. I wanted a bonding that could move figures but not take turns with them as I felt that would make him too powerful so I decided to go with an ability that would lead his forces into battle with him, and for the sake of seasoning I made it semi obvious who I wanted to be the primary benefactor of Gunnvaldr's ability (the Tarns!) AS for his other ability Helm Splitter, I knew I wanted him to be a strong and tough leader so I felt giving him a unique buff of sorts that it would only benefit his character. However, after many play tests this past weekend I fear that his base attack stat may be too high but Helm Splitter can become very abusable and game breaking in many common circumstances. Also with such a power and a cost of 140, it seems like a no brainer. A cheap strong hero that can bond and kill anything? I think for the most part this character has a pretty distinct direction and now its just fine tuning how powerful he is going to be!
I was going to say that Gunnvaldr felt a little strong for his points given all of the buffs, but I think that the main reason is his attack, as you mentioned. Being able to go up to 7 attack (8 with height) for 140 points is a bargain, albeit not completely unprecedented when you look at official characters like Eltahale.

I'd suggest bringing down his base attack to 5, but keeping Helm Splitter. The power is pretty evocative of winding up a giant swing with that hammer, and it distinguishes him more from Valguard who benefits from moving to attack.

I'm not sure how I feel about the reuse of Berserker Charge Enhancement. We've seen multiple enhancement powers overlap before, but I'm not aware of any specific D20 enhancement power being reused on another sculpt. Combined with Wild War Cry, I'm not sure that the extra movement-enhancing ability is necessary.

Speaking of Wild War Cry, I really like the concept, and we haven't seen specific-number Order Marker powers outside of Ornak, which makes it feel unique. The wording does feel a little bit off, though that's a minor quibble. I'm slightly surprised that you called out 5 spaces, since the Tarn Viking Warriors have a move of 4. Calling out a Squad or Hero for a movement bonding ability also feels a little weird to me.

Here's a quick suggestion for alternate wording for the ability:
After revealing Order Marker 1 on Gunnvaldr and taking that turn with Gunnvaldr, you may take a turn with one Wild Squad or Hero that you control. During this turn, the chosen Squad or Hero may not attack and all of its special powers are negated.
This fixes the movement inconsistency between different Wild figures and avoids potential problems with abilities on the chosen cards. I don't believe that this has been done in classic HeroScape, though, so I could be off base here.

Also, as a quick aside, I saw that you mentioned a potential interest in C3V/SoV customs in your OP. If you decide that you want to go that route for this design, you'll want to keep C3V's Dreadgul Raiders in mind, since they would bond with Gunnvaldr.
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