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Re: [Pod 1] UKUSHISA PRIDE (Blazing Firecats) - Playtesting

Map: Dance Of The Dryads
Glyphs: Unique Attack +1, Defense +1
400 point armies
Team 1: Ukushisa Pride(100), Mika Connour, Feral Troll, Krav Maga Agents
Team 2: Iron Golem, 2x Marro Stingers, 2x Marrden Hounds

Match report: Ukushisa move out first and met by Stingers with Drain and killed 1 Ukushisa. Krav moved in for support killed 2 Stingers. Hounds moved in a killed a Ukushisa with Plague. Last Ukushisa used [Blaze] which was a poor attack and got blocked. The last Ukushisa lasted 2 good attacks from Stingers but died on a 3rd attack due to an initiative win. The Ukushisa ended up being hold up units for the Krav who went on to do alot of damage by taking glyphs and height. Hounds were too quick for them and the Krav fell. Mika and Troll couldn't pull back a win.

Units that survived: 3 Stingers, 2 Hounds and full life Iron Golem.

Long live heroscape
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